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Res Pack - Login, Play, and Reboot - 3 Pack

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Looking for a healthy way to amp up your gaming sessions?

Our all-natural multivitamins will give you a competitive edge. Login enhances your overall performance and health, while Play gets you in the zone and winning and Reboot makes sure you get the rest you need to start the next day off strong. Each vitamin is sugar-free, made with natural plant extracts, and has no artificial additives, enhancing an aspect of your gaming performance so that you can run it back with Full Restore.

Login is a multivitamin mix leveled up with a blend of neuroactive ingredients essential for strengthening your daily general health. Learn more about the 19 vitamins and 21 ingredients we handpicked to prep you for the day, including DMAE, Glutamine, and Green Tea Extract.

Play is our ultimate competition vitamin, designed to give you a Second Wind and keep your win-streak hot. Learn more about our slow-release energy formula that uses Caffeine and L-Theanine to make clean, fast energy.

Reboot is your nightly recovery vitamin and it's designed to give you a deep, restful sleep so that you can tackle the next day rested and ready to go. Learn more about our natural ingredients like melatonin, chamomile, and 5-HTP to give you proper R&R.

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