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Play - The Competition Vitamin (60 count)

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What Is Play?

You’ve won your first two games of the day and are on your third, but your focus is waning. This is where Play steps in. Play is your ultimate competition vitamin, designed to give you a Second Wind and keep your win-streak hot. 

Debuff Free

No headaches, no jitters, and no crashes. Play’s slow-release energy formula will keep you locked in and running hot without any debuffs to kick you out of the zone. 

Simple Formula

maximum energy

Our formula keeps it simple: Caffeine to keep you alert, L-Theanine to keep you calm. This power fusion gives you clean energy and an Ultra Instinct reaction time that won’t cause tunnel vision. 

Beat the Breakpoint

You're on your second hour of playing games; your energy is low, your concentration is breaking, and your reaction times are slowing down.
That's the breakpoint.
no energy crash caffeine free
With Play, your third hour feels like your first. Play gives you the boost you need to play your best throughout your play session.

Improve Your Real Life Attributes

energy, speed

Your body needs to level up different traits to be your best self. Play specializes in ensuring that your best self is at the keyboard or on the controller whenever you play.

sugar-free focus and concentration

Made to keep you at the top of your game

That’s why we’ve picked safe ingredients to give you a natural boost.

sugar free all natural extracts



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Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement take one or two veggie capsules 15 minutes before your play session. We do not recommend taking Play within 6 hours of sleep. We do not recommend taking more than three capsules in a single day. 

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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