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Our Company - Inviting Gamers To Discover A Healthy Lifestyle

Level Up Your Health

You're a gamer: you’ll play until your eyes hurt, your hands ache, and you’ll play that “one last match” even when you know you shouldn’t. Why? Because you love it… and so do we.

And because we love it, we had to understand how to keep our bodies from falling apart. Full Restore is committed to helping all gamers stay at their best. To do so, we’ve created a set of vitamins designed to improve your everyday health and help you establish a routine. We’re here to guide you as you keep yourself healthy to keep yourself gaming.

Our Mission Statement

To provide gamers with health and productivity products that allow them to achieve and maintain their full potential.

About Us

Jake and Eric founded Full Restore. We’re lifelong gamers and unlikely friends: Eric is a real gamer with his PC, and Jake plays some fake sports on his PlayStation (just kidding!). 

 At Twitchcon 2018, we made friends, hung out in long lines, and watched intense competitions. 

And then, we had a light bulb moment. 

Gamers are extreme: we go the distance and push our bodies to endless limits for gaming; physically, emotionally, and mentally. We need to take care of ourselves.

If you’re an aspiring pro or serious gamer that wants to climb the ladder, you need to properly care for yourself. Your body and mind are connected - you won’t be as mentally sharp if you’re body isn’t optimized. Health and fitness go a long way in gaming, and we wanted to find the right stuff to help us and other gamers to be 100% ready to play games.

However, when we searched for options to keep us gaming longer and improve performance, we didn’t like what we found: sugary power drinks and prescription drug abuse. We also couldn’t find any information on how to be a healthier gamer. There is a lot of misinformation out there, and it’s difficult to find out what (if any) products exist for gamers and where to find them.

That’s why we created Full Restore: to be the guide that gamers need to get started on their healthy gaming journey. We want you to play your best and keep on gaming until Half-Life 3 is released.

Be Informed

Nobody starts at max level when it comes to health.
Let us be your tutorial as you get started. 
learning tutorials are fun

Stay Energized

If you’re not excited to play your next match, you’re doing it wrong. There’s no time to settle for a losing streak, get back in the lobby and ready up. 
esports though, am i rite?

Get Good

You deserve a mind and body ready to take on any challenger, boss, or battle. Get there. 
Take care of yourself buddy.
keep on gaming