Why Is Sleep Important

It’s no secret that a good night’s sleep can improve your mood, your health, and even your performance. Sleep is critical for both body and remind to recover after a long day of physical or mentally challenging activity. What most gamers don’t know is just how important sleep is to getting more wins and reaching that next tier.

sleeping keyboard

Lack of sleep not only leaves you feeling tired and foggy, but impairs the neurons in your brain, slowing reaction time, and making it harder to maintain focus (Source).

Ok but I do sleep?

Getting to sleep can be a challenge for many people, and especially gamers. This is because gamers are experiencing a combination of high stress and exposure to blue light right before bed.

High stress and sustained focus take a toll on your mind and can be worsened because they get your heartrate up, making it difficult to unwind and sleep after long play sessions. This can be cyclical if you are grinding every night and leave you in a constant fog, basically nerfing your brain power.

Blue light makes this struggle worse. It has been shown to disrupt your brain from producing melatonin and can disrupt your circadian rhythm. This is your natural sleep/wake cycle and when its off, you’ll feel like you lost some max hp. Staring at your screen for hours before bed makes it even harder to get to sleep when you’re finally done for the night.

So basically gaming every night is leaving your heart racing and blocking your brain from producing the chemicals to needs to shut down and rest. But that’s not going to keep your from gaming…

So what can I do about it?

A supplement like Reboot helps

Reboot has a specialized formula of natural sleep aids blended specifically for gamers. Like most sleep aids, we have a some natural Melatonin mixed in to replace what your mind is missing. To step it up we add L-tryptophan (yes like in Turkey) am essential amino acid that body needs stimulate protein and nutrient regeneration in the brain.

Like any potion, we need some natural herbs, so we dropped in chamomile , lemon balm, goji, and passion flower. The natural blend of plant based ingredients sooths the body, and helps activate “rest mode” in the brain.

Finally to help buff your mind for the next day we cap things of with 5-HTP, an Amino acid that stimulates production of serotonin. Seratonin is the messenger your brain uses to communicate with your nerve cells. Your perception, reaction time, and coordination are all dependent on the smooth communication between your brain and nerve cells. 5-HTP builds the high speed rails to get your mind competition ready.

Taking 1-2 Reboot supplements 15- minutes before bed, will have you get to sleep faster and deeper more restful sleep. You’ll wake up without drowsiness and with our mind restored to 100%.