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What's In Play

Play (Caffeine L-Theanine) vitamin gives you energy and focus

You know that feeling of being completely in the zone? All your senses are awake, you can see the move that your enemy is making, your shots land, and you juke like you're in Challenger.

The Play vitamin is formulated to keep you focused, calm, and energized, with the main active ingredients are caffeine and l-theanine.


It is widely accepted that caffeine is a great way to get energy, boost reaction time, and stay sharp. 

get hype in league of legends and have better map awareness with this supplement

Be careful of what you put into your bodies. Some caffeinated drinks and pre-workout powders have drawbacks:

  • High calorie, high sugar, which can cause weight and heart problems
  • High dose of caffeine, which can cause jitters, anxiety, and restlessness

Play vitamin ingredients are simple, straightforward, and safe. We keep our vitamins basic so that you are getting the exact ingredients you need to get you in the zone for your gaming session.

When we tested our Play vitamin on a test group of competitive players and streamers, we saw an average increase of 32ms.

"In the past, whenever I needed a pick me up, I always used regular caffeine pills, such as No-Doz. I always was immediately awake, but would become incredibly easily irritated and jittery after only an hour or two, which would last for a few hours. I decided to try these instead, and the difference is amazing! I can feel myself become much more focused and awake, without having the downhill spiral. On days where I'm very tired, I'll take 2 it just keeps me on this very steady energy and focus. It's been so wonderful having it during my increasingly busy days." - Joe I.


L-Theanine is our secret weapon to counteract the jitters and anxiety driven by caffeine. While you might be as excited Jinx and as fast as Twitch, sometimes we need to be calm so that we can use our energy to the fullest. 

Reducing stress and anxiety is where L-Theanine comes in. This ingredient has proven to improve calm and anti-anxiety, all without reducing your alertness, which is key in gaming (1, 2). We want your energy to be as controlled as a rasengan.

 Zen Flow State in Overwatch with this supplement

 Synergistic Performance

Once you take these two ingredients together, we see a lot of cognitive benefits not seen when either is used alone: improved accuracy, word recognition, rapid visual information processing, attention, as well as mood (3,4,5,6). These are crucial to maximize your level of play.

Beat the Breakpoint

You're on your second hour of playing games; your energy is low, your concentration is breaking, and your reaction times are slowing down.

That's the breakpoint.

energy crash

With Play, your third hour feels like your first. It gives you the boost you need to play your best throughout your play session. Two components to Play make this the safest, cleanest way to get into the perfect flow state.

Like Elon Musk, we are trying to create a natural, sustainable energy, except this time we can start with one vitamin dedicated to the gamers. Take your potions before you climb into your series promos.

Get out there and game, safely.

"Caffeine with Theanine has worked wonders for me. I'm still on my first shipment but I can tell the difference in my energy levels from day to day. I work two jobs, one of them being a midnight shift. Having pure caffeine and theanine to help bring up energy levels and induce a relaxed state with no crash is critical to continued focus and prolonged energy to get through the week." -Anonymous, Feb 09, 2021


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