What's In Login?

  Login - The Vitamin Tailored To Gamer’s Needs Many vitamins promote general wellness by filling the nutritional “gaps” that many of us have due to diet and lifestyle. Login is created by gamers for other gamers, that will give you the exact vitamins, minerals and cognitive enhancers you need to increase your rank and get more wins. Any effective multivitamin will contain similar ingredients, but where Login shines is by including targeted supplement blends to increase cognitive function, awareness, and focus. This is essential if you are interested in winning more and playing longer. Many of these compounds are known as nootropics, which simply mean that they are compounds designed to help you think quickly, learn faster, and make decisions faster. Beyond the...

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Why Is Health Important For Gamers?

Gamers are often incorrectly characterized as being unhealthy cave trolls that sit in their parent’s basement and crush Mountain Dew code red by the case while mainlining Doritos and spewing racist comments after absolutely pwning n00bs on WoW. Thankfully, most of that is entirely false (except for the pwning piece), and while many of us have room for improvement in our health, we’re definitely interested in being the best we can be. Especially if it means faster reaction time, more actions per minute, and intense mental focus in the middle of a difficult match. Personally, video games have been integral in creating many of my personal health habits. Much like searching crates in a dungeon crawler, some of the habits...

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Why Are Vitamins Important For Gamers?

What are Vitamins? Vitamins, minerals, and other micronutrients are like support heroes. They don’t get a lot of credit when everything is going right, but you definitely miss them when they’re absent. Vitamins and minerals are found in different foods and are responsible for helping you have maximum energy, recover from illness, heal your wounds, digest your food, and a plethora of other things that go on behind the scenes. As gamers we know that being able to focus for long periods of time, and keep our reflexes sharp is important because let’s face it - we want to win. Many people, gamers included don’t realize the massive impact that insufficient vitamin and mineral levels can have on their health,...

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