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5 Reasons Why You Need A Gaming Sleeve

When playing video games, performance improvements to speed and accuracy are the difference between winning and losing. From aiming to character movement, speed and accuracy matter and we are here to help you improve. Full Restore's Gaming Compression Sleeve, will make you feel better, move faster and win more during your gaming sessions.

Here’s why this gaming compression sleeve is the secret to getting your mouse to click heads and land skillshots:

1. Increased Muscle Compression and Blood Flow

Gaming sleeves increase blood flow and reduce muscle stress simultaneously. By having breathable compressive pressure, this sleeve is meant to keep your muscles and tendons warm, keeping your reaction speed at its peak.

Do you think Eren would wear a gaming sleeve? I think so.

2. Use Your Arm Not Your Wrist

By using your arm, you're able to use more precise movements, and reduce injury to your wrist. You see this with the pros all the time, where they're looking for low effective DPI, so that they can aim with more accuracy, despite the "longer" distance your arm needs to travel across the mousepad. Sometimes, accuracy is more important than speed.

"When I flick shoot in Apex, I sometimes had issues where my wrist got stuck or over-indexed in one direction, making me miss. The sleeve pretty much makes sure its only my fault when I miss now." - Johnny D, April 2021

3. Reduced Friction and Chafing

Your arm can stick to your mousepad or table, particularly in warmer climates. When that happens, you'll wish you had a smooth glide that only a sleeve can offer. A gaming sleeve gets rid of that wrist callus and makes sure you hit your shots.

4. Breathable, Washable

By creating a polyester fabric blend as it's base, the material lets you breath. This provides the compression without getting you hot or sweaty. Imagine your 4 hour gaming session, and how much you're sweating both in-game and on the mousepad. Having a washable sleeve is a lot easier to clean.

5. Pros wear it and it looks good

Look good, play good. Players like Overwatch League's Bischu wear a gaming sleeve when they play pro matches. And doesn't he look great?

bischu overwatch sleeve


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