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3 Ways Gamers Get Good Rest

Are you a night owl? Do you stay up until 3am with your eyes strained to exhaustion just to grind a few more levels? Are you dead on the weekend and can't wake up until 1pm?
If this is you, then here are some ways gamers get some sleep.

1. Reduce your screen time before bed

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that you should stop using electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Don't watch TV, play games, or get on your twitter/reddit/TikTok/YouTube before bed. Instead, try thinking about your life, and why you lost that last game you played... Better yet, just take time away from your screen and let your brain rest.

2. Time your caffeine 

Don't drink or have caffeinated products approximately 4-6 hours before bed time. It's a stimulant product; even if you're of those "i Dont FeEl THe effECTs of cAFfEIne" people, it’s still worsening your sleep quality. You just don’t realize it.

3. Try a sleep vitamin

If you need some extra help, try a sleep vitamin. We developed a sleep vitamin to help you: Reboot. This vitamin helps you neurologically recharge during the night by telling your brain its time for sleep. This way, when you're awake you are more focused, alert, and ready to start the next day. 

Bright screens and stress can make falling asleep difficult. Reboot is formulated with natural ingredients to help you fall asleep faster and regenerate your mental fortitude.


Your body needs to level up different traits to be your best self. Reboot’s natural sleep-aid formula specializes in improving your focus and stamina to help you make game-winning plays, every game. After a long day, get the rest your mind and body deserve.