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3 Reasons Why You Need A Gaming Sleeve

Ever wonder why professional athletes where compression sleeves and tights? The reason isn't just to look cool. There are clear physical benefits to compression and a sleeve can make you a better gamer.  With Full Restore's Gaming Compression Sleeve, you can improve bloodflow, reduce strain, and minimize friction while gaming. 

1. Warm up faster and reduce strain

Compression sleeves are great for retaining your body's natural heat. Heat and compression increases the blood flow, and oxygen flows through the body to reduce any stiffness and lets you "warm up" faster. The more your muscles and ligaments are warmed up, the more your body can make the movements your brain commands. Expect less pain, cramping, and "fatigue errors" as you game for long sessions. If your excuse is "still warming up", a gaming sleeve may help you land your headshots or skillshots after only a few minutes. 

2. Speed up recovery

Warmth + compression increases blood flow and oxygen. This not only helps while you are gaming, but also when you are recovering after a long game session. You can wear a sleeve any time to help your body heal. You might not notice, but all of those micro movements from gaming put a lot of strain on your elbow and wrist ligaments. Over time this can cause pain and reduce performance. If you feel soreness or tightness after gaming, try applying an ice pack for 15-min and then put on your compression sleeve to warm it up and get the blood flowing.  

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3. Less Friction = faster movement

If you've ever had your skin stick to a surface because of the heat, you know how uncomfortable that is. Friction slows down your movements and can lead to chaffing over time. A compression sleeve helps keep your movements fast and smooth even if your parents refuse to turn on the AC. 

Pros, including Overwatch players like Bischu above wear gaming sleeves when playing their official matches.

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