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3 Reasons Why Your Reaction Time is Too Slow

Test Out Your Reaction Time

You can test out your reaction time here. When we tested our Play vitamin on a test group of players, we saw an average increase of 32ms on competitive players and streamers. Imagine if you get one more bullet or one more attack on your opponent.

So let's breakdown the top 3 reasons why your reaction time is slow.

1. You're Exhausted

When you play long enough, eventually you'll hit your breakpoint. At hour 1, you feel great, warmed up, and ready to go. But as time goes on, everyone loses energy and performance decays.

That's why gfuel, coffee, and soda litter our desks while we game. Caffeine is a wonderful supplement, but can be counterproductive if it goes too far. This can cause the "jitters" and restless nights. Our Play vitamin is designed to deliver a balanced amount of caffeine to keep you charged for your gaming session without having you burning awake at 3am.

2. Warm up or play a game of Osu

The pros warm up in all kinds of ways. They use hand warmers, they test their reaction, or keep warm by playing Osu. If you warm up before you play, studies have shown your reaction time goes up immediately. Do you want that edge in your game?

 3. You're not calm enough

Believe it or not, calmness is a necessary component to a resilient and reactive self. That's why we insert L-theanine in our Play vitamin. L-Theanine is found in tea plants, and gives a calming effect that counteracts caffeine to give you smooth energy.