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3 Reasons Why Gamers Need More Sleep

It's 3am, Jake is in your house with a Riptire, and you're playing your last Overwatch match. You lose. PLAY ANOTHER. But should you though?

Here are some facts you might wish you didn't hear. 

1. Your Gaming will suffer

Sleep is one of the most underrated things you can do to improve your play. Lack of sleep will affect your mood, your focus, and your reaction time. All those hours practicing are useless if your mind is in a fog. With teeth grinding, tech screens, and other factors, getting a good nights rest is difficult. If you're having trouble falling asleep, try Reboot, a vitamin made for gamers to be more effective than your typical melatonin pill. 

2. Low sleep linked to depression, obesity, and heart disease

Recently, researchers have suggested night owls may have a harder time regulating their emotions. Try to plan for 7-8 hours of sleep, and keep your sleep cycle consistent with the help of a sleep aid. This will keep you refreshed and ready to play, day or night. We know gamers don't have typical sleep schedules, so make sure you take care of mental health and plan to get the sleep your body needs. 

3. More likely to be single

Are you willing to lose your future partner because you're tired? S/he may be walking around grabbing a morning coffee waiting for you to bump into them. But instead you're asleep, with baggy eyes, and dreaming of all those games you lost. 



Bright screens and stress can make falling asleep difficult. Reboot is formulated with natural ingredients to help you fall asleep faster and regenerate your mental fortitude.


Your body needs to level up different traits to be your best self. Reboot’s natural sleep-aid formula specializes in improving your focus and stamina to help you make game-winning plays, every game. After a long day, get the rest your mind and body deserve.