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3 Ways A Sleeve Can Improve Your Gaming

  Ever wonder why profession athletes from basketball to racing started wearing compression sleeves and tights? The reason isn't just to look cool. There are clear physical benefits to compression, and we are here to tell you how that can make you a better gamer.  With Full Restore's Gaming Compression Sleeve, we believe that you can improve bloodflow, reduce strain, and minimize friction while gaming.  1. Warm up faster and reduce strain Compression sleeves are great for retaining your body's natural heat. Heat and compression increases the blood flow, and oxygen flows through the body to reduce any stiffness and lets you "warm up" faster. The more your muscles and ligaments are warmed up, the more your body can make the movements your brain...

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3 Things You MUST Do Before You Play

1. Load up your favorite Twitch streamer Doesn't matter if you're playing Fortnite, Valorant, or League, it's always good to remind yourself of the basics. Corner checks, skill shots, match up reminders. Here are some good educational streamers for League. 2. Get some caffeine Get your coffee, your soda, Gfuel, whatever you need. Be careful though, you don't want to be over caffeinated. You can try the Play vitamin, which has a perfectly balanced amount of caffeine, plus its paired with L-theanine, which gives you a calming and focusing effect. 3. Test your reaction time or play a game of Osu The pros warm up in all kinds of ways. They use hand warmers, they test their reaction, or keep warm by playing Osu....

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5 Reasons Why You Need A Gaming Sleeve

When playing video games, a performance improvements to speed and accuracy are difference between winning and losing. From aiming to character movement, speed and accuracy matter and we are here to help you improve. Full Restore's Gaming Compression Sleeve, we believe that you can feel better, move faster and win more during your gaming sessions. Here’s why this gaming compression sleeve is the secret to getting your mouse to click heads and land skillshots: 1. Increased Muscled Compression and Blood Flow Gaming sleeves increase blood flow and reduce muscle stress simultaneously. By having breathable compressive pressure, this sleeve is meant to keep your muscles and tendons warm, keeping your reaction speed at its peak. Do you think Eren would wear...

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3 Reasons Why Gamers Need More Sleep

It's 3am, Jake is in your house with a Riptire, and you're playing your last Overwatch match. You lose. PLAY ANOTHER. But should you though? Here are some facts you might wish you didn't hear.  1. Your Gaming will suffer Sleep is one of the most underrated things you can do to improve your play. Lack of sleep will affect your mood, your focus, and your reaction time. All those hours practicing are useless if your mind is in a fog. With teeth grinding, tech screens, and other factors, getting a good nights rest is difficult. If you're having trouble falling asleep, try Reboot, a vitamin made for gamers to be more effective than your typical melatonin pill.  2. Low sleep...

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3 Ways Gamers Get Good Rest

Are you a night owl? Do you stay up until 3am with your eyes strained to exhaustion just to grind a few more levels? Are you dead on the weekend and can't wake up until 1pm? If this is you, then here are some ways gamers get some sleep. 1. Reduce your screen time before bed The National Sleep Foundation recommends that you should stop using electronic devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime. Don't watch TV, play games, or get on your twitter/reddit/TikTok/YouTube before bed. Instead, try thinking about your life, and why you lost that last game you played... Better yet, just take time away from your screen and let your brain rest. 2. Time your caffeine  Don't drink or have caffeinated products approximately 4-6 hours before bed...

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